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Specimens from India at the University Museum at the University of Bergen


This dataset includes specimens originating from India in the natural history collections at the University Museum of the the University of Bergen (UiB).

Animals: The vertebrate collection contains 18 reptile specimens as well as a few bird eggs and fishes from India. There are no bird skins or mammals in this part of the collection. However, the osteology collection contains 8 craniums and skeletons, in some cases of the same individual. The museum in Bergen contains neither insects nor marine invertebrates from India.

Plants and fungi: The vascular plant collection is likely to hold some specimens from India but these are difficult to find as the material is sorted taxonomically and not yet digitised. While the Fennoscandian herbarium had been digitised, there are as yet no plans for the digitisation of the general herbarium. Some 30% of the bryophyte herbarium has been digitised, including 41 specimens from India (10 of these where previously visible in the GBIF portal). Once the complete bryophyte herbarium is digitised (80 0000 specimens) there may be an estimated number of 150 mosses from India. Lichens and fungi have all been digitised and include 39 lichen specimens from India and no fungi. 34 lichen specimens where previously visible in the GBIF portal.