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Vascular Plant Herbarium, UiB


The vascular plant herbarium is divided into a Nordic Herbarium, including ca. 400 000 specimens, and a General Herbarium, including ca. 200 000 specimens. The Nordic herbarium covers Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Bjørnøya, and the General Herbarium covers all other areas of the world. In the Nordic Herbarium collections from western Norway are dominant, and important collectors are T. Lillefosse and J. Naustdal. A larger collection from mountain regions in South Norway has been collected by R. Nordhagen and others. In the General Herbarium important collections from Iran and Afghanistan (Per Wendelbo and others) and of plants of the families Ulmaceae and Moraceae from tropical Central and South America (C.C. Berg and others) are stored. The work to make the information about all specimens available via the web is in progress, and until February 2013 around 215 000 specimens from the Nordic herbarium had been entered into the database."