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Vegetation data from sheep grazing experiment at alpine site in Hol, Norway


This is a documentation of vegetation analyses conducted in the municipality of Hol, Norway, in connection to a sheep grazing experiment. Fences were erected around a 2.7 km2 area in 2001 which were again subdivided into nine plots, each with an elevation gradient (1050-1320 m above sea level). Twenty permanent subplots (50 by 50cm) were located inside each of the nine plots. These were again sub-divided into 16 sub-quadrats (12.5 by 12.5cm). Plant species frequencies represent a count of the number of sub-quadrats where that species was found (0-16). Sheep grazed inside the plots during summer months from year 2002. Sheep densities were zero (control), 80 (high) and 25 (low) with tree replicates for each density.