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Spatial and temporal data (EVENT DATA) from a total of 50 samples of marine benthic invertebrates from three sampling project periods: 22 sampling localities in coastal waters from Grimstad to Sandefjord on the south coast of Norway collected in May 2011 with research vessel R/V “Sea Master”. 10 sampling localities from the Oslofjord collected in October 2011 with research vessel R/V “Trygve Braarud”. 18 sampling localities from the Oslofjord near Drøbak collected in October 2014 with research vessel R/V “Bjørn Føyn”.

This dataset is deliberately published WITHOUT OCCURRENCES. The dataset describes collaborative collecting efforts during marine expeditions. The collected material is deposited in the national university museum collections in Norway. Many of the museum specimens are not yet digitized (status per 2018) but will be linked to these datasets using the corresponding eventID when they are published in GBIF.