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Bryophyte Herbarium, Oslo (O-B)


Bryophytes at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo.

The bryophyte herbarium at the Botanical Museum, the University of Oslo, comprises a Norwegian herbarium (ca. 150,000 specimens, of which ca. 100,000 mosses, ca. 15,000 peat mosses and ca. 35,000 hepatics), a general herbarium (ca. 75,000), a type herbarium with ca. 100 types and a collection of older exsiccata (ca. 5,000 specimens).

The herbarium contains important material among others from Norway, the Arctic, Macaronesia and Tristan da Cunha. Important collectors are Matthias Numsen Blytt (1789-1862), Søren Christian Sommerfelt (1794-1838), Christian Kaurin (1831-1898), Frantz Caspar Kiær (1835-1893), Nils Gregers Ingvald Wulfsberg (1847-1888), Elling Ryan (1849-1905), Baard Bastian Larsen Kaalaas (1851-1917), Ingebrigt Severin Hagen (1852-1917; in part), Nils Bryhn (1854-1916; in part), Eugen Honoratius Jørgensen (1862-1938; in part), Johannes Lid (1886-1971) and Per Størmer (1907-1991).

Buildup of a herbarium database was started in 1997, and is still at an early stage with ca. 3.200 specimens recorded by January 2001. As part of this work, a register of accepted names for Norwegian bryophytes has been made (1066 species in 260 genera; of which 747 species of mosses, 47 peat mosses, 270 hepatics and 2 hornworts), with all known synonyms used on specimens in the Norwegian herbarium (almost 9000 names together). Norwegian names for mosses (about 1100 names) are now also included in the register.We take part in updating a checklist of Norwegian bryophytes (most recent edition: Frisvoll, A.A., Elvebakk, A., Flatberg, K.I. & Økland, R.H. 1995. Sjekkliste over norske moser. - Norsk Institutt for Naturforskning (NINA) Temahefte 4: 1-104.)