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Spatial and temporal project data (EVENT DATA) from 637 marine sampling events. Marine benthic invertebrates in the Oslofjord were collected during the years 1951-1955. The sampling effort was organised from the Biological Station in Drøbak, University of Oslo. The sampling was carried out by Marit E. Christiansen and Bengt O. Christiansen.

This dataset is deliberately published WITHOUT OCCURRENCES. The collected invertebrate material was to be made available for revisions by specialists. It was further intended that the collections should form a core material for a series of publications on Nordic marine fauna named ‘Marine Invertebrates of Scandinavia (MIOS)’. Ten volumes were published, but the original idea of a series covering more than 40 systematic groups was never completed.

The collected material was deposited in the invertebrate collections of the Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo. Parts of the material has not yet been registered. Parts has been registered but still not been digitised (status per 2018). It will be published in GBIF as occurrence files which will be linked to these datasets using the corresponding eventID. So far, occurrence data of several polychaete families have been published: https://data.gbif.no/ipt/resource?r=polychaeta#